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HELP! I'm a new author and need assistance with my manuscript and publishing my book. Where do I go from here?
Para Publishing has a total program to assist authors, both new and experienced with any and all questions. Dan Poynter is great to talk with.
Their website is http://www.ParaPublishing.com. Once you have finished your book, have received your ISBN assignment from R.R. Bowker and are ready to go to press, contact us for your barcode. Our turnaround is same day if the order is received before 10:00 a.m. Eastern.

How do I get a barcode number for my product?
If you are in the USA, you need to contact the GS1 US
at (513) 435-3870 or
http://www.gs1us.org Outside the USA, contact EAN International at (32) 2  227 1020.

How do I get a barcode for my product?
Once you receive your
assigned numbers from GS1US call Film Masters.

How do I get a barcode number (ISBN) for my book?
Contact R.R. Bowker at 877-310-7333 or www.isbn.org for an ISBN assignment.

How do I get a barcode for my book?
Once you receive your assigned ISBN's from Bowker, call FILM MASTERS and we will create an EAN barcode and send it to you, your printer or graphic artist.

Can a barcode be sent to a printer?
Yes, a barcode can be sent to you, your printer or graphic artist electronically or on a CDR via UPS, FedEx or US Mail for MAC or PC.

My book has been printed without a barcode on the cover. What do I do now?
FILM MASTERS will supply the barcode printed on labels for you to adhere to the book. The standard label used for the barcode is 2 X 1. We have both sheet labels, paper or polyester, and roll labels in various sizes to meet your label requirements. Labels are available printed in one to four colors in various sizes and quantities.

What is a check digit and how do I get one?
The check digit is the 12th and last number in a UPC Version A barcode.  FILM MASTERS automatically calculates the check digit for you.

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